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The Legitimacy Farm – 2/7

By Brendan Boehr


Well documented techniques of propaganda are analyzed in social psychological terminology, with reference to real-world examples. It is demonstrated that each of these techniques serve to increase the perceived legitimacy of the government and producers of media. In turn, the increased legitimacy produced by propaganda is reinvested into further manipulating the media, creating a positive feedback system. A model is presented that explains the effects of the manipulation of media in psychological terms, with a farm analogy, in which government and media producers “harvest” legitimacy from the public and invests a proportion of this legitimacy in further manipulations of the media.

. . .

Table of Contents

1 Background

2 Abstract

3 Introduction

4 A Psychological Interpretation of the Propaganda Model

5 Analysis of the Institute for Propaganda Analysis Techniques of Propaganda

5.1 Name-Calling

5.2 Glittering Generalities

5.3 Transfer

5.4 Testimonial

5.5 Plain Folks

6 Discussion

7 APA-Style References


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