Adventures in Everyday

Brendan Boehr’s Artwork attack

1. Art Attack

This innocently morbid image is from a poster that I made for my friends’ Arts and Crafts night. Cool kids do arts and crafts. I’m totally cool. Seriously.

It may be a cute image, but do note that this man is being impaled with colorful pencil crayons.

2. Heart Brain

I stumbled into some very frustrating academic “complications” during my last undergraduate year at the University of Manitoba. The situation was very trying. However, an extremely supportive faculty member sympathized with my situation and agreed to help me. Without her assistance, my final, honours year would likely have been a mess.boehr.brain.heart.bigger.cropped.x500p

So I drew her this picture as a gift. Compassion originates in the brain.

3. Human

This image of “humanity” appeared in my head some time last summer, for reasons now forgotten. I became hellbent on finding some clay, making this image, and mounting it on my wall inside an empty picture frame.

So I did! Unfortunately, to no surprise, as soon as the figure dried I lost all ambition to get him fired or glazed. Soon I had convinced myself that the fragility of unfired clay is perfectly appropriate to the artistic concept – in fact, I reasoned, I shouldn’t get this piece fired.

boehr.human.edit.500px.taclessWell, it lasted until a couple months ago. Good for him! He broke when I moved to my current residence. Here is what he looked like after I tried to repair him with balsamic vinegar (a silly idea), wires, and water.

This feeble, pitiable creature represents the way I see mankind. Though he is weak, vulnerable, and depressingly mortal, this figure is determined to make it all the way to the top of the wall. The words he carries makes it clear that he holds no illusion of grandeur regarding his limited nature – he sees himself as a “sack of organs.”

But he refuses to settle for a mediocre existence. “Why should an obviously imperfect creature set his ambition on anything less than greatness?” he asks.

Sacks of organs we may all be, but this sack of organs can change the world – at worst he will die trying.


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balsamic vinegar? Really?

Cool kids DO do arts and crafts.

Comment by Jen

[…] Brendan Boehr’s Artwork […]

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you are SOOOO cool for doing arts and crafts. 🙂

sooo… i do not come here often, but i do visit xkcd almost religiously. sometimes i’ll ignore it for a few weeks just so i can read a TON of them while at work, sometimes.

Comment by mi

thoose r soo cool great job i would love to make them any day 🙂

Comment by Anonymous

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