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AdBlock for Google Chrome – by Gundlach
March 17, 2010, 12:09 am
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It pays to pay for things you value

I’ve been experimenting with Google Chrome since its beginning, but until recently its lack of solid extensions and Linux compatibility stopped me from adopting it as my main browser.  Probably the biggest drawback for me was the absence of decent adblocking extensions. Seriously, all of the available adblocking extensions sucked. Do you even remember how ugly the internet is without an adblocker??

Enter Gundlach and his AdBlock extension for Chrome.

This is the only adblocking extension that seems to actually work, probably because you can use it to subscribe to EasyList, one of the same advertisement filter lists that Firefox’s AdBlock Plus uses. I recommend that users of AdBlock for Chrome also add EasyPrivacy to their subscriptions list in AdBlock’s options.

So I donated a little money to Gundlach, whose real name, I learned, is Michael. It pays, I think, to invest in those things in life that you really value; and, because I value aesthetically pleasing internet experiences, donating to Michael just feels right. What I didn’t expect in return was a personal message from the man himself, thanking me personally for my (very modest) contribution. Being a behaviourist, small tokens of appreciation such as his brief email mean lot to me, and so I have decided to blog a little about the experience.

Thanks, Michael, for AdBlock!

You can donate to Gundlach here


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