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MTS Making Your Phone Worthless
February 6, 2009, 8:32 pm
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Well, not exactly. You’ll still be able to make phone calls, text message, and browse the net, but after March 12, 2009, you (probably) won’t be able to transmit photos or videos wirelessly anymore. Why? Because they are replacing their Picture and Video Messaging Service with a new service – Media Messaging. According to their website (Retrieved Feb 6, 2009), only five phone models currently support this service – two of which “are no longer available.” All five models are Motorola for some reason.

MTS’s three available phones are expensive

MTS lists only three phones compatible with the new Media Messaging service. And, no surprise here, each model is stupidly expensive (by my frugal standards at least).

MOTOROKR Z6m Slider Phone
36-month contract – $49.99
24-month contract – $119.99

Motorola RAZR² V9m
36-month contract – $99.99
24-month contract – $169.99

Motorola KRZR K1M
Purchase price: $129.99 (includes $30.00 Airtime Credit)

My own phone (pictured below) is a simple Samsung M510 – included free with my original contract.  Shame on you, MTS. I won’t be bullied into buying a new phone!

Samsung M510 Cellular Phone

So I wrote them an email about it:

I am    very    disappointed with MTS’s decision to make my cellular phone’s photo-taking capability nearly    worthless    by replacing Picture and Video Messaging Service with the new Media Messaging service. I understand that only five (probably expensive) phones currently support the new service (two of which are apparently no longer even available) .

I don’t think I should have to buy a new phone just to be able to send photos to my friends and family when my old phone could do it perfectly well.

Additionally, the letter MTS sent me only said that “there will be some changes” to the Picture/Video Messaging feature on my account. I had to browse to the link included in the letter and log in with some new PIN I have never seen before just to find out that I won’t be able to send my friends any pictures any more. The letter should have said something like “only the following five (Motorola) phone models will be able to use picture/video messaging in the future.”


Brendan Boehr

If you’re upset with them, I suggest you write them an email as well. You can use this page to do so. If you’re really serious about getting in their face, join this class action lawsuit against MTS (and other service providers) for charging their customers baseless “system access fees.” Note: I have no idea if that lawsuit has any chance of success.


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What a bunch of jerks. I was also told, by an MTS employee, that they won’t even bother to offer a service unless they can make something like a minimum 800% profit. He said that our $50 phone bills cost them no more than $2 in services.

Comment by Jennesa

I like this blog!!

Comment by Josie Rules

i beleive that!! 800 percent, what a bunch of idiots, im getting sick of it, what makes me more sick is paying them 500 bucks to buy out my contract. tough decision. like yea, i use Skype now to make all my calls, works great, ok it’s not a cell phone, but if i carry my laptop around with my internet data stick, then it is haha!! and i pay 3 bucks a month for unlimited calls to landlines and cells in NORTH AMERICA!yeah skype, they’re probably still making profit, but not interested in rippin people off because they can.

Comment by Denis

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