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Red Light Cameras
March 6, 2008, 1:52 pm
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Winnipeg’s SafeStreets Campaign

As part of the Winnipeg Police Service’s Safe Streets campaign, 48 Red Light Cameras have been installed across Winnipeg. A radio commercial was produced by SafeStreets Residential as part of their educational campaign. Here’s an excerpt:


You’re driving in a residential area. A toddler suddenly runs out in front of your car! Will you have time to stop? Your chances of saving that child will be better if you’re driving the residential speed limit.

Do Red Light Cameras Make a Difference?

A little while ago I had the unpleasant experience of being photographed by one of these cameras, and the experience led me to conduct a little research project.

Red Light Camera LocationsIn my particular case I believe that the very presence of the Red Light Camera is what caused me to run the light. Here’s the situation: The roads were icy when I approached the known camera intersection. I was paying very close attention to the lights and when they turned yellow I immediately and reflexively stepped on my brakes. But I was too close to the intersection and so I slid well past the stop line – at which point I decided to continue through the intersection despite the clear camera-flash behind me.

Now, I’m certain that had the camera not been present, there would have been no incident. Furthermore, what might have happened if another vehicle had been close behind me? I questioned the entire red light camera system as a result of this minor incident. I figured that Red Light Cameras probably do reduce red-light-running, but do they actually lower accident rates?

Note: In the letter I allude to numerous scientific studies which I accessed through my university’s online journal database, but I do not cite them explicitly. I apologize for the lack of citations.


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