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Google Building Undersea Cables?
February 26, 2008, 1:02 pm
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960 Gigabits Per Second

I have never explored the relationship between Internet search providers and undersea cabling initiatives. In fact, I’ve never really known what parties are interested in building 960 Gigabits-per-second transatlantic cables from the US to Japan.

Apparently Google is one of those parties.

Collectively we just signed an agreement to build a new high-bandwidth subsea cable system linking the U.S. and Japan (more detail in the press release). This cable system, named Unity, will address increasing broadband demand by providing more capacity to sustain the unprecedented growth in data and Internet traffic between Asia and the U.S. [From Google Blog]

Don’t Be Evil

Granted, Google is only one of five international companies participating in the project. It makes you wonder, though, about what Google will become 5, 10, 20 years from now. You just can’t be completely sure about any company who’s willing to help build a US$300 undersea cable but keeps don’t be evil as its company motto.

I remember when it was cool to hate Microsoft.

Maybe it still is. Who’s to say? One of the reasons that so many people hated Microsoft was because of its history of buying out the competition and forming huge, restrictive monopolies. If you think that Google is innocent of such transgressions, think again. Compare the list of companies acquired by Microsoft with the list of Google acquisitions and you’ll see what I mean.

For more cool pictures like the one above and to learn about shady undersides of Google, go see Google Watch.


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unrelated to your post, I love that I am famous here, with my rss feed.

related to your post, someday the whole planet will be a hegemony known as googleton.

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what the hell?? brendan b has a blog????????


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