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Crappah Movah Fridah
February 25, 2008, 5:09 pm
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I also starred in a high school play!

A Special Guest

Years ago, when I was my high school’s student council president, I was once invited to participate in “Crappah Movah Fridah” (or CMF) as a special guest. According to the now abandoned website,

“Crappy Movie Friday came about when two thirds of the CMF Team, (Andrew Fehr and Nathan Fehr, no relation) gave up their quest to rent good movies. “

Consequently, the CMF team probably holds the record for viewing the most B-rated movies ever produced.

Frank Zagarino Heads

Each movie reviewed was rated on a scale of Frank Zagarino heads, and also had the chance to qualify in the prestigious Lou Diamond Phillips Achievement Awards.

Read my review of the movie, The Fear: Resurrection.

    Q. What is the CMF team doing today?

    A1. Andrew makes music. He’s known as Redlymb
    A2. Nathan makes awesome comics. See Interesting Times
    A3. Not NinjaCulture.


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    Yes, way to point out that we’re not doing NinjaCulture anymore! Ha!

    Oh! Also! Look forward to the new adventures of Nathan and I when we start our new online media project tentatively called Ninjacultr!

    Comment by Andrew

    my goodness, check out a young and handsome brendan here. I thought I was done being blown away by your facial hair, but you’ve proved me wrong. I couldn’t remember a time when the stuff on the chin didn’t connect with the stuff in front of the ears. ah, memory lane.

    Comment by kristyn

    good comics. spent too much time reading them.

    Comment by Jen

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