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Scientology and the Second Power Rule
February 13, 2008, 6:57 pm
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In order to illustrate the similarities between the recent global protest against the Church of Scientology, allow me first to illustrate the Second Power Rule for the unfortunate few of you unfamiliar with the term.

In the popular board game Risk, the goal is to take over the whole world. In order to do this, one forms alliances, breaks alliances, threatens other players, cheats, and so on.

Now, say you have only been playing the game for a little while but already one player is starting to dominate the globe – let’s call this player the First Power. In every case the result is the same: other players gang up on the winning player in a gruesome bloodbath.

The parallel to the Church of Scientology is clear. The Church has gained too much power too quickly (about 50 years) and soon caught the attention of other world players. Blue collared hackers, weekend 4chaners, Wikipedia flamers and the rest of the disparate masses saw Scientology as a quietly growing threat. Where these lesser states used to fight amongst themselves over the Africas and South Americas of the Internet Risk Board, they now saw a common enemy: the Church’s suppression of independent thought in the Internet’s Wild West. The Church of Scientology rose too high, too fast, too quietly.

The fight rages on, but now that Anonymous has drawn everyone’s attention to the First Power, the Scientology Superpower can no longer go unnoticed.

In Risk, however, there tends to be Second Power that fills much of the power vacuum. If Anonymous is successful in beating down the States of Scientology, who will then fill the gap? Anonymous? The Free Zone? Operation Clambake?

The unprecedented, Internet-born global protest against Scientology must have raised a few eyebrows in the halls of power. If an unorganized, anonymous conglomerate of idealists can have this kind of effect on an organization as rich and influential as the Church of Scientology, could it do the same with other organizations? Sure, this time their target was asking for it, but who might their next target be? Who should be worried? Creationism? The MPAA? Fox News? The Republican Party?

Surely there are enough potential enemies of Anonymous that the disparate masses should be concerned. Let’s be careful to remember the Second Power Rule ourselves. If Anonymous flexes its muscle too quickly or too strongly, it may risk being labeled as another First Power.


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never play this game 😀 not available in my country..

Comment by ebookreviewer

you cite your sources like no one I know. awesome food for thought.

Comment by kristyn

I found your blog through Kristyn’s blog

Comment by Allison

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